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Storage Hacks to Organize Your Home!

Laundry Room Organization

Top Ten Storage Hacks

A New Year can truly mean a new you! Start your year right with a more organized home. Make sure your garage is in order, your kitchen is easier to find utensils when cooking, and your bathroom is an oasis with everything in its place. Get your home and your life in order with these storage tips for multiple areas in your home.

Garage Storage Tricks

Garage Organization

1. Use vertical space. Shelving units and ceiling mounts will open up a lot of space that you're not currently using. 

2. Maximize wall space. Peg boards or inexpensive wire shelving can free up countertops from clutter. 

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Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Sink

3. Quickly find makeup. Separate and find makeup easily, with drawer organizers. 

4. Reuse, reduce and recycle. Glass jars or clear containers can organize soap, bath salts, or cotton balls. Use chalkboard labels to easily identify everyday items. 

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Bedroom & Closet Storage

Bedroom & Closet Storage

5. Hook them up. Shower curtain rings can double as tank top holders. Simply then hook your tank tops to the rings and then on a hanger. You can store multiple tank tops this way to really save space. 

6. Are clothes causing clutter? Use space saving bags to store items that you don’t use all year long, such as warm weather clothes or your heavy sweaters that you won’t need during warm seasons. 

7. Create corner shelves. Utilize unused space in the room, such as a corner to make floor to ceiling shelves. You can even install a shelve in the unused space above your bedroom door. 

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Kitchen Storage Hacks

Pantry Organization

8. Easily organize utensils. Use mason jars as utensil holders to keep countertops straightened up. 

9. Hook it up. Try command hooks under the sink to house brushes, rubber gloves, and other cleaning supplies 

10. Use towel racks. Lids for pots and pans can get disorganized quickly in a cabinet. Attach a towel rack on the back of kitchen cabinet doors to hold lids for your pots and pans. 

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With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to organize your home and your life. 2020 is the year to easily find things, avoid clutter, and spend more time on the things you enjoy. For more organization tips and life hacks, visit our Home Organization Pinterest page.

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